Lifetime service

Your clothes from Northern Playground come without an expiry date; They are made with durable materials and have a timeless design that will never go out of style. But to reach our ambition of reducing overconsumption, we need to pay just as much attention to what happens after the product is made.

That's why all our garments come with a lifetime service. That means:

You repair

We teach you how to repair damaged garments and send the equipment you need.

We repair
Not so handy? We can repair your Northern Playground products free of charge.


Return your worn out clothing and we will make sure they are recycled and revived.

If we really want to make an environmental difference, we need to take good care of the clothes we already have instead of buying new ones. That's why we like to think of lifetime service as a contract where both we and you do what we can to extending every garment's lifetime. So, take good care of your clothes, use them for a long time, repair if necessary and return them to us when they are completely worn out. That way we can start making a difference – together 💪

Read more about how lifetime service works below.